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The Privatization Fairy

Have you ever been having a conversation with a free-market ideologue and referred, in exasperation, to things like fire-department services and roads as examples of why some things are simply better accomplished through taxation by a government than through private "entrepreneurship?"

Well, now the industrious little gnomes at the American Enterprise Institute are even trying to take THAT one away. No, really. The article's…


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Eventually We Always Learn The Truth

***UPDATE; 1/3/11*** 

Oh, how FUNNY. A chance intersection of two of my most recent stories. Eric Lach over at Talking Points Memo catches the very same Judith Miller on FAUX "News" Sunday, complaining that Julian Assange is a "bad journalist," apparently "because he didn't…


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Daniel Ellsberg on Wikileaks

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? - Juvenal, ca 100 CE (also, Alan Moore, 1985)

Things are moving fast in the story of large government and financial interests’ moves against WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. First came the unprecedented international arrest warrant for…


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Paging Dr. Freude...

...Dr. Schaden Freude:
The Superior Gold Group, one of Glenn Beck's reliable advertisers, has been put into court-ordered receivership based on evidence that it was ripping people off.

But wait...there's how much would you pay?:

Putting a company in receivership is a…

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Boundaries Of Legitimate Debate

Anyone running for Congress is, by definition, seeking one of the most powerful positions in the country. When the office sought is that of Senator, they will become - if elected - one of only 100 people who are arguably second only to the President himself in political power. Sometimes the vote of only one Senator can drastically affect the lives of millions.

We therefore subject these candidates to a level of scrutiny on the campaign trail which is also second only to…

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Liberal media

In recent years, MSNBC has apparently decided that there's a market (which they can make money from) being sort of a liberal counterweight to the unfair and imbalanced GOP advocacy of FAUX "News." I say "sort of" because in reality, MSNBC isn't at all the liberal counterweight to FOX. Yes, their nightly lineup has consisted more and more of liberals and progressives - which is somewhat of a counterweight to FAUX's lineup - but FAUX's advocacy continues 24 hours a day, even (especially) during… Continue

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One Cheer For The Media; Al Gore Cleared Of Sexual Misconduct

This one always had the smell of BS about it, but the reason I'm taking the time to highlight it is that, well, so did the Iraq war, and so many other stories lately. And although I fancy myself as someone who has a pretty good "BS detector," it is precisely the acceptance and allowability of such "gut-thinking" itself which allows for people (myself included) to make "conclusions" without restricting them to only the facts in evidence. The very phrase "trial by media"…


Added by The Diaper Pail on July 31, 2010 at 11:44am — 22 Comments

The Economist says what needs to be said about BP disaster

At least, in regard to the media shrillness about what Obama "should do" about the spill. (Yes, THAT Economist): this case the issue is deadly serious; it's the public discourse that is puerile. There is plenty of room for…

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...or, The Intersection of Media and Politics, and How The Internet Is Changing Both. (see, I told you "Mmmm....donuts...." was a catchier title).

Anyhoo. Most of us who are politically literate often find ourselves frustrated with what even Sarah "Not The Sharpest Moose In The Shed" Palin calls the "lamestream media." It's a frustration borne of seemingly a number of different causes, but it's become an astonishingly…

Added by The Diaper Pail on May 30, 2010 at 8:00am — 7 Comments

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