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Gabrielle Giffords SHOT at public event at grocery store

**UPDATE** 1/8 6:53PM

I should make more clear that my point in posting this (other than simply posting news) is to highlight how harmful the rhetoric which makes use of violent imagery and suggestions can be - regardless of the political motivations (if any) of the shooter, who has now been identified as Jared Loughner. …


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House Republicans Dial Back On Promises

No, really, they did - so says CNN.

Is ANYONE even mildly surprised about this?

Oh, also? That great GOP oracle (so they've consistently said over the years, anyway)…


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(Fili-) Bust A Move

***UPDATE, 1/6 1:30PM*** Oops...I was not aware yesterday when I hurriedly posted Greg Sargent's overview of what the filibuster reform package contained that it did not include a reduction in the number of votes required to invoke cloture (overturn the filibuster). In my haste, I'd been assuming that - since the abuse of the sixty-vote threshold was literally the very raison d'etre for the concept of filibuster reform to begin with,…


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Eventually We Always Learn The Truth

***UPDATE; 1/3/11*** 

Oh, how FUNNY. A chance intersection of two of my most recent stories. Eric Lach over at Talking Points Memo catches the very same Judith Miller on FAUX "News" Sunday, complaining that Julian Assange is a "bad journalist," apparently "because he didn't…


Added by The Diaper Pail on December 30, 2010 at 2:30pm — 3 Comments

An Underwhelming Legacy

When I was in college, my friends and I would often sit around and watch things like early computer animation videos set to electronic music, computer fractal screen savers and Liquid Television. So I was pre-disposed to like a sequel to Tron, in…


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How To Fix The Deficit

Of course I don't know the full answer to that question. I suspect, with this many variables, no one does with 100% accuracy.

But as you probably know, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke died yesterday in Washington after a 21-hour surgery to repair a tear in his aorta. I'm kind of lukewarm on Holbrooke - while he brokered the Dayton peace accords that ended the genocide in the Balkans, he also was a bellringer for going into Iraq and has much other bad stuff on his résumé,…


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Expecting the Unexpected

Part of the fun of being movie-obsessed these days is trying to predict the business of show business. Much like those guys who like sports with their fantasy leagues that I hear so much about, I like to sit around with my friends and discuss movies and box office numbers.




Two movies are coming out on Friday that are generating a lot of talk amongst people who care about these…


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Tax Deal Poison

The Washington Post tells me that 69% of the public supports the pending Obama/GOP Tax Capitulation Deal. I was wondering why that seemed like such a familiar scenario until I remembered when last I'd seen…


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Daniel Ellsberg on Wikileaks

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? - Juvenal, ca 100 CE (also, Alan Moore, 1985)

Things are moving fast in the story of large government and financial interests’ moves against WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. First came the unprecedented international arrest warrant for…


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Paging Dr. Freude...

...Dr. Schaden Freude:
The Superior Gold Group, one of Glenn Beck's reliable advertisers, has been put into court-ordered receivership based on evidence that it was ripping people off.

But wait...there's how much would you pay?:

Putting a company in receivership is a…

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Payment Processors Cut Off WikiLeaks, Experience Blowback

SECOND UPDATE: Perhaps this might have something to do with VISA and MasterCard's support for the US government.

UPDATE: as of approximately 4pm EST, is…


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Julian Assange Arrested In England; Speaks Out In His Own Words

Well, that was only a matter of time. It had been an open secret for a couple of weeks now that Julian Assange was in London. And once the Interpol warrant went out, it wasn?t going to be long before the ever-dutiful British police picked…


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Is This Hope, Or Change?

I can't tell. Dave Dayen at FDL notices…


Added by The Diaper Pail on December 2, 2010 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

Julian Assange - Hero, Criminal or Overblown?

Wikileaks has caused quite a stir lately, with the release of thousands of classified US diplomatic cables. This comes on the heels of Wikileaks? previous release of a decrypted US Apache gunship video of an attack on suspected…


Added by The Diaper Pail on November 29, 2010 at 10:00am — 3 Comments

Person of the Year?

Well, it's that TIME of year again (sorry for the pun). Yes, the most venerated living news magazine in America rolls out polling for its annual "Person of the Year" issue once again. Check for yourself if you're into that sort of thing. Every year, I can't help but be morbidly interested in it, at least enough to check…


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Better Watch Out

“You guys! Santa’s not real!” She was recently five but had already adopted the mannerisms of an older, hipper kid – her big brother, maybe, or her shaggy indie-rock dad – wide-eyed and waving her arms at her fellow preschoolers at the snack table to make her point. “It’s just a guy in a costume. He’s not! real!”

“I have a DIFFERENT theory,” roared The Boy, age four at the time. “Santa is…


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It doesn’t usually snow here until January or even February, some years, so this evening you are surprised to see it is snowing, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the gray dusk cascading down like your old knit scarf, the one your great-aunt knit you so many years ago, now fraying at the ends.

Yet even in the face of your son’s excitement, of his insistence on snowball fights and sledding down the little backyard hill, even in the face of tumbling and squealing and catching snowflakes on… Continue

Added by The Middle Sister on November 23, 2010 at 9:30pm — 7 Comments

Time For The War On...Thanksgiving??

Yep, if you thought the right-wing’s recently-founded tradition of wailing about how the 78% of Americans who consider themselves Christian are…


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How To Have An Important Conversation With Your Kids

This is an issue that many of us will face. I found this PSA both informative and supportive and feel it's my duty as a movie geek to share it with… Continue

Added by Reeling on November 19, 2010 at 4:26pm — 20 Comments

Democrats Growing a Brain? A Spine?

Heavens! Are they, in fact, perhaps growing both at the same time? I've seen it not pan out too many times in the past to be suckered in by good news now...but it's unquestionable that this looks promising:…


Added by The Diaper Pail on November 18, 2010 at 12:48pm — 1 Comment

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