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I  think he finds it entertaining to make me yell at the television.  He's watching a documentary about the anti-abortion movement and I'm so mad right now.  I just want to reach into the tv and punch those smug "pro-life" bastards right in the face. 

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I wouldn't even watch that because I'm certain I would have a stroke.
I used to do clinic defense.  I feel you.

Punch him.  Karma will be restored.


Yeah, AlphaGeek would have to barricade the TV because I'd be a snarling, punchy mess. Actually, he probably wouldn't let me watch it, just for that reason.

Just try to tell yourself he's researching how the opposite side thinks so you can more rationally explain why they're all batshit insane hypocrites.  Truly, he's just helping you.


(I have to rationalize all sorts of stuff like this to keep myself from exploding)

He turned it off after an hour--he was getting just as irate as I was.

My hubby knows better. 

I yell at the parents on Parenthood for not trusting their son's judgment in his own wants, needs and abilities because he's been diagnosed with Aspergers. 

We'd be buying a new TV.


Ugh...Parenthood. We were into that show, and had to stop. It got to where we couldn't stand it any more. 

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