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Anybody else grabbing the popcorn for tomorrow's Iowa caucuses? Just read that Romney, Paul, and SANTORUM (!?) are tied. Should be interesting...

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Maybe it's because I just read The Hunger Games series, but I think the only thing that could be satisfying about that matchup is if they had to battle to the death.  ;)

No, just kidding.  I hope Santorum sticks around, just so I can make dirty jokes out of all the headlines.

In other news, however, the prospect that any of them could win the actual real live election makes me super mad at Obama for signing the NDAA.

Kommish, did you see the bit in today's Slog about Santorum Salad? Tee hee hee....

Sounds like Dan Savage is getting serious about Santorum. Good stuff:

Oh, that is good.  The whole "but I have gay friends!" argument gives me such a goddamn headache.  However the point made here makes me a bit worried.

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