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I'm doing it- going back to school!  Part time, going for a M.Ed to teach Bio.  Taking advantage of my tuition waiver employee benefit, so that's a huge driving factor. 

Anywho- my main question was to any other middle/high school teachers out there.  What pros/cons do you see in each age population?  I have my own ideas and inclination, but I'd love to get more feedback, especially since I have a 5 yo and the other age groups are not on my radar much. 

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Good luck and congratulations!

Right now I teach at a university and I really love it, but I did long term substitute teaching for years and I've taught pretty much all age groups.  The little ones (up to 4th grade or so) are very sweet and very cute, but completely exhausting.  And lots of them (especially k-2) have no concept of personal space, so that was difficult for me.  

Middle grades can be good, but it takes a special type of person to deal with them daily.  I am not that person.  Individually, I can deal with them fine, but as a group they can be a big handful.  They are hormonal and so full of drama at that age.  I used to joke that everybody should be sent to a deserted island together when they turn 11 and whoever is still alive at 15 gets to come back home.  

High school kids aren't all that different from college freshmen.  They can be really fun to teach and you can have interesting, philosophical conversations with them.  Not all of them, but you're more likely to be able to with them than with middle grades.  And from a science teacher perspective, you can also take cooler field trips and do much more fun/dangerous experiments.  That is my favorite group to teach.  

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