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Agggh! I read this XKCD comic and then went to find out what song it was referencing. Then I watched more LMFAO videos and now I have been stuck with "Party Rocking" in my head for two days. It is the earworm that won't die - I've tried singing all kinds of other songs and I can get rid of it for a little while and then find the jazzy little synthesized riff creeping back...

Help! Give me a song to get rid of my earworm! Or empathize - what earworms have you been stuck with lately?

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Ha ha ha!

I find that "Candy' by Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson works to get rid of any ear worm.

The little man won't stop singing "Right about now, funk soul brother; check it out now, funk soul brother.". Endlessly. Sigh.

Katy Perry. I listen to her on the treadmill, and my trainer and I joke that her songs are musical crack.

kommish - hahahahaha! I have that one on my workout mix as well!

"I work out!"

haha!  I kind of like LMFAO.  the fact Betty White was in that one video just makes it AWESOME.

Man, I had forgotten all about that song, MW! Great watching it - it still sounds so current. 

That's awesome, kommish - get him the oversized sunglasses and he's all '90s-ed out! Also, get on video for playback in 20 yrs.

I listen to all kinds of garbage when running. The dumber it is and the better beat it has, I'm down with it. Smudge loves "Friday" as covered by Glee. Sigh. 

never gonna give you up

never gonna let you down

never gonna turn around

and desert you. 

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