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Wake me when it's 2012

We've known for months that the Republicans were going to make a lot of gains in this year's election. Ever since Scott Brown won that spec…

Started by Floor Pie

7 Nov 8, 2010
Reply by Boring User Name

A venting thread

Ok, I'm still tempted to ask on FB for which laws precisely people are upset, because I think most people supported most of the laws enacte…

Started by Boring User Name

28 Nov 8, 2010
Reply by wookie

No tax breaks for breast pumps

What Does the IRS Have Against Boobs? My favorite quote from the article:"I.R.S. officials say they consider breast milk a food that can pr…

Started by Alan

6 Nov 4, 2010
Reply by kommishoner

Lost it

Oy, I have to teach Bosnia and Rwanda in a class I'm teaching this semester. I can't even do it anymore. I'm currently busy trying to subst…

Started by hermit crab

14 Nov 2, 2010
Reply by hermit crab

Rally to Restore Sanity

I have to admit I was pretty excited about it and then pretty underwhelmed.Did you watch it (or attend)? What did you think?

Started by The Oracle

16 Nov 1, 2010
Reply by Kiwi

I need some education from the masses

This may sound like a ridiculous question from a self-proclaimed Smart Person, but what is Socialism and why is it so freakin' scary to som…

Started by Herasmus B. Dragon

20 Oct 31, 2010
Reply by GreenLantern

You're telling me that's in the First Amendment?

I don't much care about witch craft and masturbation but things like this really bother me about Christine O'Donnell. Coons said private a…

Started by Kiwi

18 Oct 28, 2010
Reply by GreenLantern

Why is this not front page everywhere?

Well, I know why, but I'm still seething with unadulterated rage.

Started by Whackbar Wop

7 Oct 28, 2010
Reply by GreenLantern

Cesareans more likely at for-profit hospitals

An interesting bit of news.

Started by Alan

21 Sep 29, 2010
Reply by GreenLantern

He he he...Have a chuckle!!

This cracked me up!

Started by Gumbo Momma

1 Sep 21, 2010
Reply by bethany


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